About Vaibhav

My name is Vaibhav Gupta. I’m a professional writer with 7+ years of full-time and 10+ years of freelance experience.

Let me write for you

As a technical writer, I’ve written for Oracle, Zendrive, and Singular.net.

With Zendrive, I completely overhauled their documentation and played a key role in helping their customer outreach strategy. I also oversaw and contributed to their tech blog.

I’ve also ghostwritten for:

  • a gamification company, helping them create and execute a content strategy.
  • an app development company, writing blog posts and an e-book.
  • multiple lifestyle brands.

As an editor, I’ve helped multiple people with their college application essays, resumes, and job application cover letters.

Toastmasters International

As a Distinguished Toastmaster, I’ve delivered 130+ training sessions on the art of public speaking, critical thinking, and personal motivation, and personally coached over 75 young speakers to find their voice.

I have also created a public speaking guide book for Toastmasters and people interested in public speaking.

What you need to know about me

My primary interest is to discover the source of my own drive and motivation and tap into it for the benefit of others. As a person with a history of clinical depression and chronic anxiety, I am passionate about studying and bringing awareness to mental health and mental illness, and living a fulfilling, well-adjusted life.